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Building a sense of trust and collaboration between us is vital to achieving your goals in counseling and coaching. I'd like to give you a sense of who I am so you can determine how we might work together.

I believe people's struggles are more than a collection of symptoms and that each person's unique story is sacred.  Drawing from approaches backed by scientific evidence, we can address what you need to be your best.

Emotions are essential data for figuring out our needs. For many people, there are times when it's difficult to recognize and respond to emotions effectively. That's when our mental health declines and we're likely to engage in unhelpful behaviors. I help people from all walks of life make sense of their emotions to meet their needs more effectively.

Strong relationships make for better, more meaningful lives. From communicating clearly to setting healthy boundaries, my approach includes a focus on your relationships to grow and strengthen your support from others.

I am a Licensed Psychologist practicing in NY State. I earned a PhD in Counseling Psychology from Colorado State University and have been practicing psychotherapy for over 6 years with experience in university counseling centers, substance abuse treatment, and private practice.

I support men in balancing traditional masculinity with a more emotionally responsive masculinity. This can substantially improve relationships and overall well-being. Mr. Rogers is one of my heroes because of the ways he advocated for emotional awareness as a vehicle for self-awareness and improving relationships.

What are some ways that being a man makes life more difficult? How much can talk about these things with others? How do you figure out what it means to be a good man? If these questions seem relevant to your life, let's talk about these things nobody else is talking about.


When I'm not doing psychologist things, I love hockey as much as I love poetry. And I spend as much time as possible in nature. All photos on the website were taken at places I have been while wandering outside.

Not all who wander are lost.

- John Jurica, Ph.D.

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